Der Tempo-Mann

Een installatie van Marcel van Kerkvoorde
van 14 augustus t/m 20 september 1999

WEBART asks us questions about our madding live?

My new piece of WEB-Art: "Stand still and come to your sences / DER TEMPO-MANN", will offer you anexperience . Check it out and enjoy it. start and please add your comment.


In the evening the Gym is becoming overloaded with people. First forhours in the trafficjam and then the Technogym. Blowing of steam. Can wesay no, or let we put us in line?
Do I really want to meet you and speak out a sincere "Welcome inHolland"? Am I willing to look you in the eyes? Or am I only looking forwhat I think I need the most.


Glossies tell us how much we have to eat, drink, sleep, make love,sport, go on holliday, read and which therapeutist we must visit when itdoesn,t work out that good as we want. They say how to use our own bodyand how to get in shape. When you are a little shy you can take aProzac, the wonderdrug. The psychiatrist Karamer is describing youngexecutives asking for the drug together with who want to slim, becauseProzac takes down you appetite. The drug is changing your personalityand your body. But is it still your body?


This madding live is leaning us to what Umberto Eco calls"hyperinterpretation". As a semantical Eco worries about thisphenomenon. In mystic and new-age circles are false and untrueinterpretations of happenings as serious as the most plausibleinferences. Eco thinks it dangerous and points us at the bounderies ofthe ways that we explain certain happenings.
This "hyperinterpretation" is caused by our need to explain everything injust one way. Religion can grow in this soil. From the reproach thatthis is an easy way to give meaning to life. We think that we have to bevery critical. but we forget easily that this inclination pushedscience, art and thinking up. Big stories, says Lyotard in "La conditionPostmoderne", became untenable and unworthy of belief. There is nopuzzle that you can solve by percieving one or another cosmic code. There is just a puzzle and the solution you have to think out on youown.

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